Did you know that about 90m tonnes of food are wasted annually in Europe? Before thinking of implementing further food tech solutions, let’s make sure we got this basic notion right: #StopFoodWaste!

About 90 million tonnes of food is wasted annually in Europe – agricultural food waste and fish discards not included. About a third of the food for human consumption is wasted globally – around 1.3 billion tonnes per year, according to FAO.
Food waste in industrialised countries is as high as in developing countries: in developing countries, over 40% of food losses happen after harvest and during processing; in industrialised countries, over 40% occurs at retail and consumer level.

Food is wasted throughout the whole food chain and for various reasons. Farmers, manufacturers, retailers, final users: from producers to consumers, all actors in the food chain have a role to play in preventing and reducing food waste. How to tackle such urgent matter without compromising on food standards and protecting human and animal health at the same time?

food-waste pix
Infographic: The food currently wasted in Europe could feed 200 million people. Per capita waste by consumers is between 95-115 kg a year in Europe and North America.

At Tech-licious Food & Tech Magazine we believe that wasting food is not only an ethical and economic issue but it also a moral and environmental one: nowadays, food waste is one the major responsible for the depletion of the environment’s (limited) natural resources. This is why we are always on the lookout for new technological developments that could help tackling this problem.

Among those who are taking action and actively standing against food waste, the European Institutions are particularly active in putting together and further implementing a system of EU-wide laws and regulations to prevent food waste and strengthen sustainability of the food system. Check this website provides information on EU actions to tackle food waste and a repository of good practices in food waste prevention.

Do you want your food to be more tech and less waste? To make sure technological deveopments can make a real impact in the Food Industry, we should first become responsible consumers. Let’s just say stop to food waste!

Video by European Commission

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