How many snack brands can claim creation by a Chef trained at Michelin Star restaurants, while tackling a global issue such as food waste?

Probably none. At least until ¡Yappah! came along. Tyson Innovation Labs, the Tyson Foods Inc. team tasked with bringing new consumer products to market, has introduced ¡Yappah!, a brand of protein crisps made from chicken trim and leftovers from vegetable juicing and beer brewing.

¡Yappah! Protein Crisp were launched on the market on 31 May, after the conclusion of a crowd-funding campaign. The snacks are made from rescued and upcycled vegetable- and grain-based ingredients–all mixed together by the expert hands of Michelin-starred Chef Kang Kuan. The aim is to combine innovation and sustainability, attention to the flavour and ethical thinking, while challenging consumers to rethink their relationship to food and how it impacts society.

¡Yappah! mission is unique, important and far-reaching,” says Rizal Hamdallah, Head of Tyson Innovation Lab. “Through this launch, we intend to address global food challenges such as food waste.”

Mojo flavoured chicken celery and chicken IPA white cheddar are some of options consumers can choose from, providing some of the nutrients and flavour nuances of a complete meal in the form of a crunchy, compact bite.
Yappah snacks flavours
¡Yappah! Protein Crisps flavours. The name and concept of the brand comes from yapa. In South American Andesit refers to the ‘little something extra’ a merchant gives to a valued customer so that nothing gets wasted.
“We had all these amazing flavors to work with,” says Chef Kuan. “People might not realize that vegetable pulp left behind during juicing is arguably better and richer tasting than the juice itself, and spent grain is surprisingly delicious.”

“The snacks are crunchy, tasty bites that also provide the good stuff like chicken and veggies. A snack that helps fights food waste AND delivers the flavor nuance of a meal.” – Chef Kang Kuan

The Chef’s recipe

A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and trained at French Laundry, Chef Kuan has gained experience working in some of the most popular and world-renowned kitchens of the United States. After having served as the Executive Research & Development Chef for Tyson Foods, Chef Kang has recently transitioned into his current role as Executive Chef at Tyson Innovation Lab, where he gets to tackle some of today’s biggest food problems.

An avid butcher and a life-long charcuterie enthusiast, in his new role at ¡Yappah! Chef Kang is putting his culinary skills to good use, giving new life to ‘forgotten’, trash-bound ingredients.

“We wanted to be ingredient-driven in order to create a flavorful snack that people would absolutely love.” – Chef Kuan.

Fighting waste

¡Yappah! Protein Crisp snacks are only the first of what Tyson Innovation Lab hopes to be a long series of products and product categories that help address major social and sustainability challenges in relation to food.

“To meet the global food challenges of today and tomorrow, the company has to make innovation, agility and outside-the-box thinking central to its DNA,” said Hamdallah. “We have a startup mentality—we must be creative and resourceful enough to work speedily. We are employing some innovative methods to reach this high-speed goal.”

“Our mission is to come up with solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of the next generations.”- Rizal Hamdallah, Head of Tyson Innovation Lab

With sales of meat snacks increasing by almost 30 per cent and hitting $2.9 billion in 2017, consumers are turning to high-protein products in an attempt to cut back on sugar and processed foods. In this context, the arrival of ¡Yappah! is undoubtedly timely. The brand was established to find innovative ways to get the public involved in reducing food waste. We did this by creating a snack that is delicious, delivers 8+ grams of protein, and makes use of quality upcycled ingredients. Some snacks may include chicken, others may include rescued ingredients–but no other includes both.”


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