Founded in 2013, SNACT is a London-based enterprise that produces fruit bars from surplus fruit collected from farmers and pack-houses. Aiming to “drive environmental and social change in the food system,” as in its founders’ words, SNACT has gone from strength to strength. From the launch of fruit jerky bars in December 2015 to the introduction of compostable packaging in 2016, SNACT is now venturing into a new enterprise – the production of #deliciousprotest, ‘waste-fighting’ banana bar.
We’ve spoken with Ilana Taub, co-founder and CEO at SNACT together with Micheal Minch-Dixon. A background in Environmental Technology and Business & Environment, Ilana tells us what–in her opinion–makes SNACT “tasty, activist, impactful.”

What’s the story behind SNACT?

“A few years back, Michael and I decided we wanted to start our own company and we were both really passionate about food sustainability. When we realised there was an opportunity to be had in tackling food waste and a chance to have a big impact on the food system, we started SNACT.
“We started off by going to London’s wholesale markets and seeing what was left at the end of the trading day. We took inspiration from that and started making snacks in our kitchen: this is how our fruit jerky is born.

“Our motto is to ‘give a s*it and get s*it done’. We care about the planet we live in, its people and its environment–and we want to take concrete action in making the world a better place.”

Why a ‘fruit jerky’ snack?

“The idea of fruit jerky itself came from a blog which talked about an old way of preserving fruit, and we figured that was a perfect  deal. We thought about using ‘imperfect’ produce to create a tasty snack, giving new life to otherwise trash-bound (but still safe-to-eat) food. Also, the drying process extends the food’s shelf-life, making it last longer.
Snact FJ Lifestyle.jpg
“We’re proud to have saved hundreds of tonnes of food from going to waste and to have been pioneers in launching home compostable plastic-free packaging, inspiring others to follow suit.”

In a market that is more and more saturated with food products, what’s unique about SNACT? 

“There are lots of initiatives out there that tackle of waste, but we’re the only snack brand actively tackling food AND plastic waste in the UK. What’s more, all our products are 100% natural, we don’t use any additives, preservatives or any unnecessary ingredients.”

With the recent surge in sustainable, ethical products, sometimes it’s hard for consumers to choose a brand or a product over another.

“At the end of the day, people buy products because of the products themselves and what functionality it has for them. Broader environmental and social considerations may be important to a growing number of people but first and foremost the product itself needs to deliver, not the brand. Hopefully, by doing what we do, we can inspire others to live more sustainable lifestyles and believe that, if each of us makes small changes, together we can have a much bigger impact.”

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