Tech-licious Food & Tech magazine is an interactive digital platform that explores the connections between technology and food.

By showcasing the latest technological developments in the food industry, we want to address current food-related issues that affect us all in our daily lives and promote a more conscious approach to food.

We launched Tech-licious F&T at the beginning of 2017 to connect a community of like-minded people, raise awareness on the topic of food waste and foster the debate around how technological innovations can drive positive changes in the food industry and ehnance sustainability.

A revolution is underway.

From food apps that prevent wastage to new food labelling systems that allow consumers to make more informed choices, new tech solutions are changing the way in which food is produced, sold and consumed.

Tech-licious F&T wants to be at the forefront of this change and among the voices of this revolution.

Our goal is to provide an inclusive platform to present the latest food-tech trends and reflects on how these can help change our lives for the better.